Serving The Entire
State Of Delaware
Residential - Commercial - Industrial - Institutional
Equipment:  We use only top of the line equipment. Cheap equipment and poor installations create false alarms.
From the simplest to the most complex system.
Delcollo Security Technologies can assist in the planning, design and installation of  your security system to meet your needs and your budget.
  Delcollo Security Technologies:

Specializes in designing and installing security systems that protect your property, possessions, and most importantly, your loved ones
Unfortunately, today's world is a dangerous place. 
Crime and violence are not segregated to "bad" neighborhoods. 
Criminals and drug addicts are continuously searching for the easiest targets in all neighborhoods.

Installation:   A properly installed security system will detect intruders, sound an alarm, and call the police. It will turn your home or business into a much more difficult target . The would-be invader is more likely to choose a target that is unprotected.
All of our installations are well thought out and Installed by professionals.